Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Northern Healthcare do?

Northern Healthcare offers bespoke, forward-thinking recovery based supported-living tenancies for individuals with a recognised diagnosis relating to mental health, learning disabilities, autism or acquired a brain injury. We offer a needs-led service, with 24-hour support from mental health professionals – with the inclusion of occupational therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Each resident is provided with an individual recovery plan, tailored specifically to their needs.

  1. Where is Northern Healthcare located?

Our head office is based in Manchester and we have supported living services located throughout the whole of the UK, including Merseyside, Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire and London. We are also expanding rapidly, so ensure that you keep up to date with our upcoming locations here.

  1. How can Northern Healthcare help the referrer?

Northern Healthcare is led by clinical professionals who understand the challenged faced with finding suitable placements and navigating the complex funding process. We are on hand to help with:

  • Managing the transition into community-based services
  • Supporting with reducing the number of individuals in acute mental health hospital beds
  • Cost effective efficiencies
  • Less reliance on statutory services
  • Provision of high quality, evidence-based supported living
  1. How can Northern Healthcare help their residents?

Northern Healthcare provides 24-hour comprehensive recovery service with a supported living framework – where each client has an individual tenancy. Comprehensive assessments are also carried out by our in-house mental health nurses and occupational therapists.

We ensure there is an agreed plan of support for each individual resident, whilst also giving support for:

  • Trust and Future Planning
  • Mediation, Symptom & Addition Management
  • Skills for Independent Living & Self Care
  • Personal Identity and Raising Self-Esteem
  • Assisting with Employment Opportunities and Responsibility
  • Forging Relationships and Increasing Social Inclusion
  1. What types of tenancies are available?

Each client will gain an individual Assured Shorthold Tenancy, or licence to occupy.

  1. What assessment tools are used?

We utilise a range of occupational therapy-based assessment tools to provide a baseline of an individual’s level of functioning and as a way of tracking progress on outcomes. Examples of some of the assessment tools are:

  • Occupational Self-Assessment (OSA) – to obtain the resident’s view of his functioning and to further develop OT treatment aims.
  • Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool (MOHOST)
  • The Functional Living Scale – for increased understanding of the level for skills, increased the ability to treatment plan and prepare people for moving on.
  • Occupational Circumstances Assessment and Interview Rating Scale (OCAIRS)
  • Volitional Questionnaire (VQ)
  • Assessment of Community and Interaction Skills (ACIS)
  • Occupational Performance History Interview (OPHI)
  • Cognitive Assessments such as the CAM
  • Basic Skills education assessments in Numeracy and Literacy
  1. How can I make a referral?

You can make a referral by completing a call-back form here or contact us directly by calling 01619747210. You can also email us via

  1. Is Northern Healthcare registered with the Care Quality Commission?

Yes, Northern Healthcare is registered with the Care Quality Commission for treatment of disease, disorder or injury & personal care. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to the people we support – along with their families and employees. For more information on how we uphold the Care Quality Commission standards click here or you can view our registration profile via the CQC website by clicking here.

  1. How are placements at Northern Healthcare funded?

Once the referral has been made and accepted, confirmation of funding will then be required from the appropriate authority.

Placements are usually funded through the CCG or local authority but can also be funded privately, through personal budgets or via independent case managers. We work closely with individuals funding teams and can support with ensuring the correct information is provided in advance of funding panels.

  1. What do Northern Healthcare’s services include?

As a supported living provider, Northern Healthcare provides a number of different services including:

  • Flexible Tenancy Arrangements
  • A needs Led Service
  • 24 Hour Support Staff
  • Mental Health Professionals (RMN/OT/CBT)
  • 24/7 Clinical On-Call Cover
  • Bespoke Risk Management
  • High-Quality Environments
  • Cost Effective Services
  1. How can I find out about career opportunities?

If you are interested in working with us, then please contact us via, or call us directly on 01619747210. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for all recent job updates – to view our profile click here.