Northern Healthcare Awards 2021 | OPEN for Nominations

A huge welcome to the Northern Healthcare Awards 2021, it’s safe to say 2020 has been a challenging year for us all but we couldn’t be prouder of our fantastic team.

This year we are opening nominations to everyone, team members can nominate themselves or a colleague. We are also welcoming nominations from residents, external professionals and our residents’ family and friends can nominate too! Nominations close at 12 noon on May 21 2021.

Northern Healthcare Awards 2021 Categories:

Administrator of the Year

Where would we all be without our Business Admins? They are key members to the smooth running of our services and are often involved not only in administrative functions, but also act as a support to our wider team members.

Best Practice Initiative of the Year

Sharing best practice across our services is vital to enhance our residents’ experiences and it enables us to learn from our colleagues. Sometimes it can be the small things that an individual team member has put into practice to support a resident and sometimes it’s grand ideas that impact the whole service for the better. Let us know if a team member has implemented an initiative that has improved your service! You can nominate individuals, several team members, or the whole service!

(Please note this category will be judged based solely on nominations submitted for this award specifically, we will also be looking to recognise an individual service as our “Best Practice Leaders of 2020” based on submissions received throughout the year.)

Clinician of the Year

Do you know a stand-out Nurse or OT? We are looking to recognise someone who uses their clinical practice to enhance resident experiences and who shares their knowledge across the team to drive improvements in overall service.

Going Above and Beyond

Anyone, from any role, who shows extraordinary commitment to their role and should be recognised for continually going above and beyond their duties!

Head Office Star

There’s a lot of people behind the scenes helping our residents and empowering our keyworker colleagues. This award recognises a colleague from Head Office who has made a difference to Northern Healthcare whether this be helping our services or consistently going above and beyond in their role.

Rising Star

Last year this award was known as ‘Learner of the Year’ and, as you may have guessed, we are looking for team members who have committed to undertaking steps to progress within Northern Healthcare whether through career progression or academic pursuits.

Support Worker of the Year

Our Support Workers are our stars who go above and beyond each day. We know the role is not always easy and we thank all our support workers for their hard work and dedication during a particularly difficult year. For this category we are looking for someone who goes the extra mile each day to create amazing resident experiences and strives to personalise support delivery.

Team Leader of the Year 

We are looking for a Team Leader who always ensures residents’ support needs are met, who leads by example, shares their knowledge with their team members to promote their development and who manages their team and encourages them to make a difference.

Team Player of the Year

Again, this person could hold any role within Northern Healthcare and we are looking for someone who will go beyond their duties to help a team member. They may have a positive attitude which helps bring people together during difficult times, or they could be the first to step-in when they see a colleague in need.


Click the link below to submit a nomination and help us celebrate the amazing work our team members do!


We will also be celebrating our team members who have achieved their long-service milestones and looking to recognise “The Best Practice Leaders of 2020”.