About Us

Northern Healthcare

Northern Health Care Ltd provides mental health recovery services across the North of England. Our services include both residential units and community outreach including 24 hr support and access to experienced qualified staff

Mission Statement

Northern Healthcare Limited supports a recovery pathway within its supported living tenancies to ensure effective mental health and social inclusion for all residents

Vision Statement

Northern Healthcare Limited ensure access to quality nursing ,occupational therapy and psychological therapies so residents have the opportunity to lead healthy productive lives


Northern Healthcare have core values that ensure they fullfill our mission and value statements these include

  • Individual care pathway
  • Robust risk management
  • Promote choice
  • Collaborative planning and joint working
  • Valuing and involving
  • Quality
  • Listening and adopting to individual preferences

Northern Health Care Ltd is staffed by clinical professionals who realise the difficulties practitioners face in the current climate including:

  • The move towards community based services
  • The reduction in mental health hospital beds
  • Budget reductions
  • Increased incidence of mental health problems
  • The need for high quality recovery services
  • The need for various levels of step down care
  • The use of CTO’s

Our staff have many years combined NHS experience, so as a company we understand your challenges and are well placed to meet them.

Our experienced clinical teams ensure robust and dynamic risk management working with the local CMHT teams to ensure that the assessments we use compliment those chosen by the local team.

Our clinical team has a formal review of each client monthly and we have an open invitation to care coordinators to be part of the process, the current assessments we use to ensure a comprehensive package of care include:

  1. HCR20
  2. GASS
  3. HONOS
  5. MOHO
  6. RE-QOL 20

Northern Healthcare Ltd are CQC registered to provide Personal Care & Treatment for Disease, Disorder or Injury.

About our Service

Northern Healthcare provides a comprehensive recovery service within a supported living frame work.

Each client has an individual Assured Shorthold Tenancy, whether they are residing within one of our main facilities or within our smaller community housing schemes

Comprehensive assessment by an experienced Nurse or OT

Agreed plan of care with every resident

Support in areas identified and agreed with the resident, we attempt to harness the clients goals and beliefs and encourage their areas of interest utilising local groups to include, sports clubs, local associations and businesses.

We also provide a comprehensive selection of activities based at each site to encourage clients to explore new ideas.