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Learning and development are of the utmost importance at NHC, and we pride ourselves on providing continuous learning opportunities for all team members. One of the many options for our team members to develop their skills on the job is by undertaking an apprenticeship. This provides the individual with an opportunity to spend at least 20% of their working hours completing classroom-based learning with a college, university or training provider and upon completion will lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

Our Finance Apprentice, Joe Scott, tells us why he chose an apprenticeship with Northern Healthcare

“My current level 2 AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Apprenticeship lasts for 12 months and began in September 2022. The main reason I chose to do the apprenticeship at Northern Healthcare is that I have always had an interest in Finance, and I support what Northern Healthcare stands for.”

How will our apprenticeship program set you up for your long-term career?

“So far, I have learnt many things on the job and at college. I have helped across all aspects of the department including sales ledger, purchase ledger, credit control procurement etc. I hope I can use this knowledge to help me progress to the next level which is AAT level 3 where I can expand my understanding and help set me up in the long term.”

Do you have a personal mentor for support, and if so, how has your mentor and the wider team been useful to your learning?

“Yes, I have a college mentor named Karen who has constantly supported me with all necessary information college-related and of course, the rest of the NHC finance team has always shown me new things to help improve my knowledge in the finance department.”

Why did you choose to go down the apprenticeship route?

“The main reason I chose to do an apprenticeship with Northern Healthcare is to build my experience in a finance team, an apprenticeship is a perfect option to also be able to learn as much as possible whilst on and off the job.”

What challenges have you faced whilst undertaking your apprenticeship, and how have you overcome them?

“I would say the main challenge I have faced so far is the exams I have sat. It took a lot of time to prepare for those and I have overcome that challenge by passing all my exams so far with my final one coming up soon where hopefully I can repeat the progress.”

What has been the most positive thing about completing an apprenticeship with Northern Healthcare?

“So far, after doing this apprenticeship for some time now, I would say the best thing about it would be picking up new skills and learning in a positive environment. These skills that I have picked up will hopefully allow me to have a greater chance of having a good position in the future.”


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