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International Women’s Day, March 8 is a celebration of the countless achievements, contributions, and resilience of women worldwide. It’s a day to honour the advocates who fought for equality and justice, and the everyday heroes who inspire us with their strength and courage. This year the theme was #InspireInclusion and we embraced the opportunity to highlight how our female colleagues feel empowered and included in the workplace, and beyond.

International Women’s Day #InspireInclusion

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 reminds us not only of the progress made but also of the ongoing journey towards true equality. It is a day to honour the past, recognise the present, and inspire future generations. Here Northern Healthcare team members share how they feel empowered and included:

Sara Foster, Service Manager Mary Seacole House: “I feel empowered and included in the workplace when I see how staff thrive and develop themselves every day. This is the case when staff experience the stresses of life and challenges. I am empowered by their resilience and drive to help and support others despite this. We all are guilty of worrying, and when you put things into perspective, all that matters is that you are safe, well, happy, and thriving. I feel valued by a simple ‘thank you’ and an acknowledgement of appreciation – which is important to give, and receive. This International Women’s Day, we should celebrate our strengths and resilience for ourselves and what we share.”

Gina Geromin, Finance Assistant: “This day is indeed special for all women to celebrate! I feel like a valued member of my organisation and also feel empowered to learn a great deal – I thank my team for the opportunity to do so. My team supports each other very well!”

Lauren Greenwood, Service Manager Hyde Park House: “My thoughts and concerns are listened to, and I believe I have a good support network around me which ensures that I can do my job to the best possible standard. I also feel that I am treated with respect, and equally to my colleagues.”

Katie Nazurally, Team Leader Milnshaw House: “I feel continually inspired by seeing other successful women working within senior leadership positions, such as our Service Manager, Chloe, who progressed from the role of Support Worker to Service Manager. The achievements and accomplishments of women working within the organisation demonstrate that anything is possible when you are dedicated and have the correct support in place!”

Amanda Jones, Executive Assistant to the Directors: “The supportive culture at Northern Healthcare makes it easy for me to feel included and empowered to be my best self at work. Regardless of my gender, my expertise and experience are always respected, meaning I am given complete autonomy to perform my role and my perspective and contribution are always listened to.”

As we reflect on the insights shared by our team members, it becomes clear that the spirit of International Women’s Day is alive and well within Northern Healthcare. The #InspireInclusion theme has resonated deeply, showcasing the tangible ways in which empowerment and inclusion are showcased in our workplace. Sara, Gina, Lauren, Katie, and Amanda’s experiences collectively highlight the power of recognition, respect, and support in fostering a thriving environment for all.

By continuing to champion these values, we can ensure that every woman feels valued, heard, and empowered to reach her fullest potential. Let us carry forward the momentum of #InspireInclusion, building a world where every woman’s contributions are celebrated and where equality is not just a goal, but a reality.


Here are some useful links to learn more about International Women’s Day, women’s empowerment, and inclusion in the workplace:

  1. International Women’s Day Official Website:
    • Provides comprehensive information about the history, themes, and events related to International Women’s Day.
  2. UN Women – International Women’s Day:
    • Offers insights into global initiatives and efforts to promote gender equality and empower women.
  3. Lean In:
    • A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions and creating an inclusive workplace.
  4. HeForShe:
    • A solidarity campaign initiated by UN Women that invites men and boys to join the fight for gender equality.
  5. Catalyst – Women in the Workplace:
    • Provides research, tools, and solutions to build workplaces that work for women.
  6. World Economic Forum – Gender Parity:
    • Explores global gender parity and offers insights and data on the state of gender equality in various sectors.
  7. Equality and Human Rights Commission:
    • Focuses on human rights and equality, providing resources and guidance on creating inclusive workplaces.

These resources can provide further understanding and actionable steps to support and celebrate women’s achievements and promote inclusion and equality.



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