“We are all striving for the best for our residents and each other.” | Sara Foster, Service Manager

Meet the team

Sara Foster recently joined the team as Service Manager at Mary Seacole House. We caught up with her to hear about her passion for mental health and the importance of supporting resident and team development.

What attracted you to apply to join the Northern Healthcare team?

“I was looking for a role doing something a little different and I was attracted to working for a fresh, positive and vibrant organisation whose aims are to make a difference in the lives of those who need a little extra care and support. From reading the online reviews, it was clear that NHC cared not only about those who needed support but also how they valued the staff who are the biggest asset to a developing and thriving organisation.”

What made you want to work in mental health?

“I have always worked with individuals, families, and children who have experienced multiple challenges and disadvantages. This included those experiencing domestic abuse, addiction, and mental health diagnoses. Having worked in various support settings, I was drawn to working for NHC as I have had previous experience with my own mental health challenges and family members who have a mental health diagnosis and learning disabilities. I’m so passionate about supporting staff and residents to overcome their challenges and I look forward to coming to work, knowing that as a team we are all striving for the best for our residents and each other.”

What are you most excited to see within the service?

“I’m excited to see what the future holds for Mary Seacole House and for the new staff to join the existing team who are all positive and passionate about the work we all do each day. I thrive on supporting, guiding, and developing others, particularly those on their recovery journey. I find it really rewarding when staff progress, develop and grow and I learn lots from the team every single day.”

What activities are you looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to celebrating my first Christmas at Mary Seacole House, the staff and residents are planning activities in the run-up to the Christmas festivities. I enjoy the little things, as these make all the difference to the residents. Watching the residents playing ‘tig’ in the car park, drawing, writing songs, challenging themselves and confronting their fears is so rewarding to see.”

How will your team engage with the local community?

“I’m looking forward to the new year, with plans to focus on empowering the residents to become involved in meaningful activities in the community. This will assist them with their recovery, develop new skills and showcase their strengths, personalities and strong community belonging. For positive stories for 2024 for Mary Seacole House…Watch this space!”

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