Team Members Attend First Northern Healthcare Leaders Event

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Northern Healthcare Leaders Event

At the end of July 2022 members of our team from across Northern Healthcare participated in the first “NHC Leaders” event. The day presented an opportunity for sharing ideas and feedback, reflecting, re-focusing and looking forwards.

Following presentations from the Northern Healthcare executive team, two external Leadership and Development Coaches facilitated an afternoon session. The workshop provided individual opportunities to reflect and practical skills to build on personal strengths to help our team members lead with purpose and authenticity.

Team Members Feedback

The day was a huge success, here is some of the feedback from team members in attendance:

“I felt privileged to be invited to this event and enjoyed discovering more about myself and my colleagues. It was great to spend time networking, away from the office, and sharing experiences in a positive light. It was lovely to see colleagues supporting each other and recognising others’ strengths.”

“I feel that the day was useful in that it brought together teams of employees that would not necessarily work together on a regular basis and highlighted that there is a common goal and ethos across the company.”

“It was a great day and really thought-provoking about how I can better myself and the teams I work with to reach their full potential. I recognised that some days can be consumed with dealing with challenging situations/managing risks/attending meetings etc. and I need to ensure that on those busy more stressful days, even if it’s just 10 minutes or so, I schedule in some protected time with residents such as over a cuppa to sit and enjoy their company or join in with an activity, as this really brings me back to remind me why I love my job, and boosts my overall positivity and confidence.”


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

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