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Here you will find our industry and company news as well as tips and advice on various mental health conditions. We share resident videos and downloadable resources which tell you a little more about us. This page is also dedicated to ‘Home Life’ so you can keep up-to-date with all of the activities and events from our services.

  • nutrition and mental health: plate of food on wooden board

    Northern Healthcare Company News

    Food for thought | The role of nutrition in mental health

    Does the food that we eat have an effect on our mental health? Yes, there is plenty of research around the topic of nutrition and mental health, and overall, the findings point to a link between our diet and our…

  • model of brain | schizoaffective disorder

    Northern Healthcare Company News

    Schizoaffective disorder | Signs, symptoms and support

    On average, 1 in 200 people will develop schizoaffective disorder within their lifetime. Most commonly, it develops during early adulthood and is more prevalent amongst women than men. In this article we take a deeper look into schizoaffective disorder, including…

  • Northern Healthcare Company News

    Enhanced supported living for people with severe and persistent mental health problems: A qualitative investigation.

    The summary below is intended as such and does therefore not represent the full depth and detail of the paper as published in Health and Social Care in the Community.   A distinctive feature of the novel enhanced supported living…

  • shot glass filled with coins and plant growing out the top

    Northern Healthcare Company News

    Health and Social Care Levy

    The Health and Social Care Levy has recently come into effect in the UK, as of April 6th, 2022. Back in September 2021, the UK Government announced their plans for the levy, allocating £5.4 billion to invest into adult Social…

  • Northern Healthcare Company News

    Northern Healthcare exceed the Real Living Wage for frontline employees

    Northern Healthcare secures backing to increase pay above the Real Living Wage for over two hundred adult health and social care employees Northern Healthcare, are an enhanced supported living provider with fifteen recovery services across England and over two hundred…

  • Northern Healthcare Company News

    Kirk House | 24/7 Carlisle Supported Living Service

    We’re delighted to open our latest 24/7 supported living service in Cumbria, Kirk House. Our Carlisle supported living service opened in January 2022 and will support people living with a mental health diagnosis, autism and/or learning disabilities. The service is…

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