Here you will find our industry and company news as well as tips and advice on various mental health conditions. We share videos and downloadable resources which tell you a little more about us. This page is also dedicated to ‘Home Life’ so you can keep up-to-date with all of the activities and events from our services.

  • Case Study

    Resident Story | Robert – Hyde Park House

    Robert is 31 and moved into Hyde Park House in April 2021 following a previous placement at Malsis Hall - Mental Health Care Home. With team support, he has taken proactive steps towards his future goals.

  • Reports

    NHC Gender Pay Gap Report 2022-23

    We are PROUD with our results, we will continue to invest in all our employees through training and development, offering secondments internally to enhance skills and experience as well as supporting people to gain promotions.

  • Bulletin

    Insight Commissioning April 2024

    In this edition, we introduce our new CEO Nicola Forshaw who joined the Northern Healthcare team in March 2024. Nicola will help shape the future vision of Northern Healthcare and brings a wealth of knowledge and an unprecedented passion for our sector.

  • Bulletin

    Insight Commissioning February 2024

    Welcome to the February 2024 edition of ‘Insight’, the Commissioning Bulletin from Northern Healthcare. In this edition, we introduce our new supported living step-down service located in Radcliffe, Bury. We also share Steven’s inspiring recovery story.
    With so many of our residents undertaking volunteering opportunities to help enhance their communities, we showcase just some of their brilliant work and share how embracing these opportunities has helped build upon their recovery.

  • Case Study

    Resident Story | Steven – Adamson House

    Steven is 41 years old and moved into Adamson House in October 2023, following a referral from Arden Ward Stepping Hill Hospital.
    Steven has a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia and found the transition to a supported living setting difficult at first.

  • Bulletin

    Insight Commissioning December 2023

    Welcome to the December edition of ‘Insight’, the Commissioning Bulletin from Northern Healthcare.
    In this edition, we share resident Alex’s heartwarming story and showcase just some of the wonderful activities from our services over the festive period.

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