From Support Worker to Team Leader to Service Manager | Hayley’s Career Story

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“My journey to Service Manager started when I joined Northern Healthcare as a Support Worker in September 2018, and quickly formed strong bonds with my team members and residents. My role evolved to encompass some previous experience such as attending meetings with external Care Coordinators.

When the Team Leader position became available in June 2019, I applied and was successful. Due to limited team resource at the time my role evolved once more, and I took on additional responsibilities with support from Bethany (Occupational Therapist)  and Sandra (Regional Manager). Over time my confidence grew, of course there were challenges to overcome and mistakes to learn from along the way too. I built excellent relationships with external health professionals. I was recognised as ‘Team Leader of the Year’ which I didn’t expect, but it was lovely to be acknowledged. In May 2020, I was offered the role of Acting Service Manager and a chance to complete my Level 5 NVQ. I accepted and began my new role in June 2020.

What’s next as Service Manager?

I am looking forward to developing my skills as a manager and building on the experience I have already gained. I am excited to overcome new challenges and learn about the different sides of management such as developing the business and the clinical aspects of the role.

What challenges have you faced?

During my time at NHC I have faced plenty of challenges, some of them have really tested me and it is nice to reflect and realise I have come back stronger. How I dealt with these challenges is probably why I am where I am today. One of the biggest challenges was the transition from Support Worker to Team Leader. I soon began to realise that I was new to the role and that I was allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and that this was normal. Management and HR supported me a lot at this time and eventually I gained confidence. I try to make any challenge I face into something I can learn from and will always give something a try. I cannot thank my fellow team members enough for the support they have given me.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I always wanted to help people from a young age. The feeling I get when I know I have made a positive impact to someone’s life makes every bad day or challenging situation worth it. I have worked here since the first resident moved in, and it makes me so happy to see all the positive progress our residents have made. The lovely feedback from other health professionals about the service and employees makes me realise all the hard work is worth it. You really learn not to take things for granted in this job; if I can help at least one resident reach their goals or support another team member then I know I’m doing something right.”


Hayley Matthews, Service Manager Hyde Park House 

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