Northern Healthcare Coronavirus Update

The government has now lifted the majority of restrictions/measures to manage COVID-19.  Northern Healthcare recognise that the virus still presents a potential threat to the vulnerable people we support and also to our employees and their ability to remain at work.  Thankfully with the vaccination roll-out efforts and a considerably high uptake on receiving the vaccination, we are thankfully not seeing people experience significant symptoms, generally, it is presenting as a mild cold.

Northern Healthcare has maintained clear measures to ensure we continue to manage the ongoing pandemic and we are committed to ensuring that our residents and workforce remain safe.

COVID-19 measures that remain in place:

  • Daily LFT testing for all frontline employees
  • Continued use of appropriate PPE which is task-dependent but as a minimum requires all staff to wear a face mask at all times
  • IPC stations situated on entry to our buildings
  • Promotion of the vaccination for both our workforce and residents
  • Self-isolation (if a person becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms)
  • Where possible, limiting close contact
  • Regular touch point cleaning schedules

Throughout the pandemic, we have provided access to technology so residents can remain connected with friends and family. Now lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it is possible for people to visit the services. We want to ensure we minimise risk and maintain the safety of everyone, we would ask all visitors to help us by completing a rapid COVID test (LFT) and showing us a negative result prior to entering a building, wearing a facemask in communal areas (unless exempt) and where possible keeping visiting areas to a resident’s room/flat or externally in the grounds. If you have any concerns about visiting, please contact the relevant service directly.

Updated – 18/03/2022

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