Charity Fundraising 2021 | Northern Healthcare teams are raising funds for Mind

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This year, our services will be fundraising for our chosen charity for 2021-2022, Mind. Historically, our services have competed each year to raise the most money for Children in Need, with the winning service crowned our Fundraising Champions at our annual awards. With so many causes close to all our hearts, we asked our team members which charity they would like to support this year – they chose Mind. Our services will be raising money throughout the year with a series of activities, challenges, and events.

This article explains who Mind is, who they support and briefly outlines all the important work they do.

Charity Fundraising for Mind

Who is Mind?

Mind is a registered charity in England, focussing on mental health. They provide advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem, and work to raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health.

In addition, Mind regularly campaigns on a range of issues relating to mental health. This ranges from health services, to employment and legislation.

But that’s not all! Mind also offers a range of national training and consultancy services. These include Mental Health First Aid, workplace training and eLearning.

Who does Mind support?

Quite simply, Mind support anyone experiencing a mental health problem. As well as their website full of resources and their online helplines available on a national scale, Local Minds also provide mental health services in local communities all over England and Wales. Find your local Mind.

Local Minds all differ from each other as they tailor their services to the needs of the local community. Examples of services you may find offered at your local Mind include: peer support, talking therapies, and crisis care.

What are Mind’s goals?

  • Staying well: Mind supports people likely to develop mental health problems to stay well
  • Empowering choice: Mind works to empower people who are experiencing a mental health problem to make informed choices about how they live and recover
  • Improving services and support: Mind want to ensure that everyone gets access to the right services and support in order to help their recovery
  • Enabling social participation: Mind is working to open the doors to people with experience of mental health problems to allow them to participate fully in society
  • Removing inequality of opportunity: Mind is working to ensure equality of treatment for people who experience not only a mental health problem, but face other forms of discrimination too
  • Organisational excellence: Mind aim to build a culture of excellence


Where does the funding go?

Mind is a charity and relies on the generosity of donations and fundraisers to help raise money to carry out their important work. Alongside grants from the government and other external supporters including trusts and foundations, Mind also raises money through their shops, selling a variety of items from Mind branded merchandise to high-quality second-hand items that have been kindly donated.

Mind spend 88p from every £1 they receive on their charitable work.

Funding is distributed across 6 areas in line with Mind’s goals: Helping people take part in society equally; Improving services and support; Giving people choice; Helping people stay well; Making access to services equal for everyone; and Expenditure on raising donations, legacies, events and organisational development.

Here is a short summary of the work that Mind accomplished over 2019-2020:

  • Almost 43,000,000 items were sold in Mind shops!
  • Over 119,000 queries were answered by Mind’s helplines
  • Mind’s mental health information was accessed over 18 million times
  • Over 120,000 people used Mind’s online support communities
  • Local Mind services supported 333,000 people
  • Mind reached over 1.5 million employees through their workplace wellbeing programmes

Get involved #DoOneThing

For World Mental Health Day 2021, Mind is encouraging everyone to ‘Do One Thing’. If we all do one thing, we can change everything. Find out more about how you can get involved.

Let the charity fundraising commence!

Throughout the year, our services will be planning activities and challenges to fundraise for Mind. Keep an eye out on our socials to find out what events our services have planned, and find out when and where they’ll be taking place.

Which service will raise the highest amount of money? Let the competition begin!

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