Northern Healthcare “packs a punch” with inaugural conference

Northern Healthcare are celebrating the overwhelming success of their first conference. The conference was structured to address the issues present in the Mental Healthcare industry, the levels of step down care available, current obstacles and ways it needs to be addressed.

The day began with an inspirational talk with Ricky Hatton (MBE). Ricky has, and continues to struggle with depression and discussed the issues he faced with accessing help when needed. After an enlightening talk with the Manchester legend the day progressed to talks with Prof Kevin Gournay who chaired the day and spoke on the desperate need nationally for supported living as part of the recovery process.

The need for change was further outlined by talks from Dr Ian Greaves, Nurse Consultant Barrie Green and Learning Disability Commissioner Glen Mather.

After lunch, further perspectives were provided by Dr Paul Rogers on CBT / Skype, David Foster from Thrive and Colin Hayes from Eircom, and how technology can contribute to recovery.

Kelly Winstanley, Clinical Director of Northern Healthcare provided an informative talk on Occupational Therapy and the role it plays in supported living and success it has already presented in Northern Healthcare.

A very touching video presentation showing the thoughts of service users towards their care was greatly appreciated by many. One commissioner said “the video was better than any patient satisfaction survey I had ever seen.”

Noel Tracey (CEO) then discussed the role of Northern Healthcare and how they plan to meet the needs of individuals trapped in the cycle.

The success of the inaugural conference means it will be returning next year. CEO of Northern Healthcare Noel Tracey explained “We really did not know what to expect, or if people wanted to listen to what we wanted to say. We wanted to innovate enhanced supported living, but the response we have had, on the day and after, has only shown the demand for change. We are completely overwhelmed with the response we have had, from all corners of the industry. We are already planning our next conference for early next year.”

For enquiries into next years conference please email: [email protected]


Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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